Thursday, April 14, 2011


In November, 2009 my son and his future wife called to announce that they were engaged and had decided on a summer, 2010 wedding.  After the congratulations, best wishes and phone calls subsided my practical side took over.  Mary is from the Philadelphia and Joseph has lived there since graduation from college so there was no question that they would be married in the city.  On Monday the planning began in earnest.

Our first and most important thought was the venue and without question it had to be the Four Seasons, a favorite of theirs and all family members.  The two available dates were July 31 and September 11, July 31 it was and the race was off and running.  We thought we could do it ourselves and did try but Eric Allen, banquet manager at the Four Seasons offered a suggestion.  I have the perfect person to help you and she won’t tell you what you want she will guide you in giving you what you want.  To say we hired a wedding planner would be an injustice to Melissa Brannon because she became so much more than that.  We spoke and then met with her and went over everything we had done up until that point, I remember leaving and commenting to Mary that she must have thought we were out of our minds because we had already taken care of the hotel, florist, photographer, cake person, limousine service, invitations, calligrapher and the church.  You may ask “what else is there” to which I respond ‘you have no idea’.

During our second meeting I saw some invitations used previously for another rehearsal dinner Melissa had facilitated and they were just perfect.  They were done by a printer not really known in our area but he works with her frequently.  They were what I chose along with the most beautiful church programs we had ever seen, so beautiful in fact they were chosen for to be shown in a national bridal magazine.  By now I was thinking “what would I ever have done without her?”

In May my husband suffered a debilitating illness which required my immediate and full attention.  Melissa and I spoke and she said not to worry about a thing she would take care of everything and what she and Mary couldn’t figure out only then would they call.  I almost cried with relief, thank you Eric Allen for giving me Melissa.  I would say to her but what about this and she would calmly say, Rose it is my job to take care of it and she did.

Together with the ‘best man’ she herded the groomsmen, she calmed the bridesmaids’ personalities and took care of Dr. Ronan Tynan who, as a gift to the groom, was the featured soloist and those logistics weren’t easy.  It all worked beautifully and the miracle of the day was the weather, not a cloud in the sky, temperatures in the 70s and a slight breeze for the two happiest people.  I don’t think we can credit Melissa with that but I did try.

If you are thinking of Uncommon Events and Melissa Brannon you can be assured that your wedding or event will be meticulously planned and executed and when everyone congratulates you on how beautiful everything was and how much fun they had you can safely and calmly say “Oh it was nothing!”

Rosemary H Gallagher