Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Day Of" is never just "Day Of"

When a client calls me for "Day Of” services, I know what they want. A "Day Of" Wedding Planner is supposed to swoop in and be the organizational side of the bride so the bride can get to the altar on time and enjoy her day. Because of all of the tedious details and countless hours of work the bride has put into her wedding, she wants to see each detail come to life (perfectly executed). To assure that it all happens just as planned, she will hire a “Day Of Planner”. She will hand off some notes and the Wedding Planner will take it from there. Because it is "just day of", it will be easy and not cost a lot of money. That is the first misconception.

It does not work for a Wedding Planner to walk into a wedding and suddenly become the voice of the bride when there has been no prior connection between the Wedding Planner and the Wedding Vendor. The band is not going to turn down the music when asked by some person they have had no contact with before. The caterer or hotel is not going to correct the table setting unless they hear it from the person they have been working with for months who is paying their invoice. A "Day Of Planner" carries no clout.

Your Wedding Planner will be successful if your Wedding Planner has established relationships at least one month prior to your big day.  Why not budget some dollars for the ability to find out information quickly and confirm your decisions during the planning process.  A meeting with you and your planner should take place many months before your wedding day and as details are established and vendors hired, your Wedding Planner can be in the loop. Your Wedding Planner needs to know “the who and the what” of all of the details and review them to be sure nothing is missed. A professional who does planning for a living will help insure you have the perfect plan by reviewing each and every detail. Your Wedding Planner should attend the wedding rehearsal to get acquainted with the bridal party and parents. That will help establish a relationship so come "Day Of" they know who to turn to rather than bother the bride.

Therefore, "Day Of" is always more than “just day of" if it is to be successful. And in the end, isn’t that what you want?

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