Saturday, June 8, 2013


Amanda and Jess -

I called Melissa this morning but don't have your digits so I wanted to send you a quick thank-you email (even though you will of course get a formal thank you in a few weeks).

Andrew and I just wanted to thank you both so, so much for all of the hard work, time and energy you put into making our wedding day so beautiful.  We haven't really had time to fully process it all yet, but it was the absolute best day of both of our lives and we know that we owe it all to the UE team.

At first it was difficult for us to tell which one of you handled what, and I'm sure that even now, you both did things we're not even aware of, but Amanda -- thank you for handling all of the "paperwork" items leading up to the wedding.  Without your organization and attention to detail, I'm sure things would have been a total mess.  And the week of the wedding, you were on site in the heat supervising all of the deliveries (and the 300 lb man's broken leg.. yikes!).  And the day of the wedding, I dont even know what specifically you were doing because it was probably everything..  you searched for my purse for probably an hour when it turns out, my brother's girlfriend had it the entire time (sorry!).  You helped me with my train before the first look and just made me feel like you were a friend I'd had for years who I could turn to for anything.

And Jess-- where do we even start with you..? Andrew and I were blown away by the floral arrangements and decor.  Some things, like the dessert table, we didn't even get a chance to see, but guests have been giving us non-stop compliments on all of the little details that made the night so personal, and we can't thank you enough for that.  From the first meeting back 15 months ago, you took our ideas and made them into a beautiful reality that we weren't even sure was possible.  The cocktail hour and reception centerpieces were absolutely perfect, and  the girls' bouquets (and mine, too, of course), were even better than what we had pictured. Melissa said you're usually behind the scenes and don't get to see the bride/groom, so I am so glad I got a chance to see you at the end of the night to thank you in person.  Your work is impeccable and gorgeous-- thank you so much.

Andrew and I just slept for 12 hours!  Never been more exhausted..  but it's back to reality tomorrow as Mr. and Mrs. Fallis (ahh!) and we just wanted you both to know how much we appreciate all that you've done for us.

Love and gratitude,
Dana & Andrew

Bride and Groom
Tented wedding